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Dress For Small Pets

Dress For Small Pets

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Handmade Pets Clothing
Available in different sizes to fit small animals between 1 and 3 pounds.(Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Ferret,Prairie Dog,Pet Rat,Squirrel)
Soft, comfortable material will not grip, rub or pull his fur and is fully 
breathable, making it suitable for extended wear.
Please keep in mind, pets come in all shapes and sizes so Always measure for a comfy fit.
For the best fit, please be sure to measure your pet carefully before selecting a size. Please supervise your pet while wearing this item.

PLEASE always monitor your pet while wearing our products. We are not responsible for any damage caused to pet or human due to misuse.

Even if our dress are very safe, we suggest you to never let your pet wear an accessory on his neck without your supervision. CREATEPETSTUFF releases any damage caused by our products.